Review of Stone Age Online Slot Machine

Review of Stone Age Online Slot Machine

Stone Age slot is a themed slot by Endorphina that takes place during the dawn of human history. The slot reels appear on a cave wall decorated with rock art. Mammoths and Stone Age cultural artifacts appear prominently giving a very unique look to this online slot. The game offers free spins and expanding wilds to take advantage of. You can make wagers in game by using coins to activate one of the game’s pay lines. You can adjust the value of these coins between $0.01 and $5. Stone Age slots can pay out up to 5000 coins so one with one activated pay line and one $5 coin wager , you can potentially net yourself a $ 25000 payout.

Stone Age Slot Symbols

Stone Age features popular symbols from Stone Age history that we are familiar with. The lowest value symbols feature cultural elements from the Stone Age. There are bone necklaces and cave paintings featuring hunters and prey. These symbols will pay out a maximum of one hundred coins. You need at least three matching symbols for a pay out. There is also a selection of hunting tools that offer 150 coins for five matching symbols. The Stone Axe symbol on the other hand only requires two matching symbols on an activated pay line. The Axe will pay out 750 coins for five matching symbols.

The higher value cards are the three main protagonists. A female denizen of the Stone Age world is first up. She will also offer a payout for two matching symbols. The Male Hunter is worth 2000 coins and will also trigger a 5 coin payout for two matching symbols. Finally you have the wooly mammoth symbol. This is the highest paying symbol and it is worth 5000 coins. Again, this symbol will also trigger a pay out starting at two matching symbols.

Playing Stone Age Pokies

Stone Age Slot Bonus Feature

The unique bonus feature in Stone Age slot is triggered by the wheel symbol. This symbol is at the heart of the game’s bonuses and functions as a multiple bonus trigger symbol. The wheel acts as the wild symbol in Stone Age. This means that it will substitute for any symbol required to make a winning combination on a fixed pay line. Three of the Stone Wheel symbols will trigger the free spins bonus. Once triggered you will get 10 free spins to take. During the free spins phase the wild symbol will become an expanded wild that stretches across the reels covering multiple symbols.

The Wild symbol will also pay out if you match a certain number of them on a fixed activated pay line like wilds in many slots. Three Stone Wheels will pay out 40 coins, Four Stone Wheels will pay out 400 coins and five Stone Wheels will pay 4000 coins.

Extra Wager

Like some AUD pokies, Stone Age also allows players to take an extra wager after they get a winning pay out. The game gives you the option to double your winnings by playing a game of chance. You must pick the highest card out of a deck and beat the dealer. If the dealer beats you however, you will lose your entire wager.