Taking a Look at the Move of Bingo from Hall to the Online World

Move of Bingo from Hall to the Online World

In New Zealand, bingo is commonly referred to as Housie, but for the sake of clarity the term bingo will continue to be used here. It is played like regular bingo on a rectangular playing card, but most often uses 90 balls instead of the usual 75. Like all bingo games, it is a very social form of entertainment played in special bingo, church, or community halls. Commercial games often come with some form of charity involvement, and it is a game continuously praised for its relaxing characteristics. It is also deemed as having mental health advantages, primarily because of its emphasis on numbers.

The move from the playing halls to the online world was bound to happen, and online bingo seems to be just as popular as regular bingo. The online bingo players turn to is often run by and hosted in other countries, and an online bingo hall can comprise players from all over the world. It is also the most popular internet game for women, and approximately 70% of online bingo players are female.

Is Online Bingo the Same as Playing in a Hall?

Online bingo sites have placed an immense focus on the social aspect of the game, making sure that it offers the same social activity as a regular game. Most online bingo sites offer chat rooms, where players can interact with each other, and it is possible to form friendships with people from all over the world.

In addition, online bingo sites offer one level up, providing a variety bingo games such as classic, speed, penny, or jackpot bingo, as well as other games like video poker, slots (called pokies at $5 Deposit Casino), or roulette. This allows online bingo players to use their same account and balance to play numerous games. Furthermore, this can all be done from the comfort of one’s own home, if one’s using a laptop or desktop computer, or even while on the move, if playing via smart phone or tablet.

Huge Prizes and Payouts

However, not only does online bingo aim to offer the same benefits has real life bingo, but it has also gone a step beyond this and offers prizes and bonuses that aren’t available in real-life bingo halls. Some online bingo sites have moved away from offering just money, and holidays, cars, or other exciting prizes are also up for grabs.

Image of Real Life Bingo Halls

In addition, online bingo sites offer certain bonuses that entice players to sign up with them and keep on playing for longer. They may offer no deposit bonuses, allowing players to participate in the game without having to put down any money, or match bonuses, where the site will match a percentage of your deposit, with minimal wager requirements. This allows players to have more of the fun and less of the cost.

Most online bingo halls also offer free games that can be played just for the fun of it, giving an inexperienced player the opportunity to learn the game risk-free. All in all, online bingo has strived to create an environment that not only equals but also surpasses the experience of regular bingo.