Fortune Hill Online Slot at a Glance for Players

This game is one of the latest in the range of new casino slots games, developed through the advance in online games and presenting the player with beautiful graphics. It is set in the magic world of Fantasy, and the characters are straight from the traditional ideas of Fairyland. There are plenty of magical creatures involved, including wizards, leprechauns, fairies and ogres, all in action against a stunning background. The main character has a little hut against a scene of mountains and a blue sky.

Fortune Hill Bonus Features

Fortune Hill is a five reel, twenty five payline slots game. There is also a large range of bonus features available to the player like offers in the games at online casino.

There is a water wheel shown in the right of the screen.  In this water mill there are sixteen spaces, with a number of them containing some sort of small bonus. The water wheel will turn on every reel spin, and when it stops the player might find that he has been awarded one of the bonuses. There are multipliers to be won, with rewards giving of 2, 3 or 4 times your payout. Another bonus one can win could be a Wizard’s hat, or perhaps a Money Bag.

Wizards Hat Bonus

A Wizard’s Hat may present the player with three spins, frozen reels or even extra wilds. A Money Bag can give the player a large random prize of six times your total bet. There is also a prize of a Wand that can be won, which will give a cash prize on any bet , or expanding wilds that occur on reels two and four

Magic Mushroom Bonus

Magic Mushrooms is another of the bonus features of Fortune Hill. These will appear on some reels, and there are up to twelve of them to be collected. If the player is fortunate enough to land on one of these Magic Mushrooms, he may find under one of them a notice to collect a cash prize. There are, however, only a few of the mushrooms with the notice underneath for a lucrative prize.

Free Games

Another of the bonuses to be won in Fortune Wheel is the Free Games symbol. If the player lands on this symbol he will win eight free spins. The Fortune Wheel is changed during this feature, which also can give the player extra spins. It is therefore possible to win a large number of free spins.

More Bonus Features

The Magnificent Multiplier is triggered whenever the spin stops and the needle of the Fortune Wheel points to 2, 3 or 4. Your current win from that spin, if there is any, will be multiplied by the Magnificent Multiplier that appeared on the wheel. Your winnings from the current spin will be calculated, and then the player will reap the benefits of this feature. This bonus is available during the main game only. If this is awarded by the spin that also won the Magic Mushrooms bonus, or the Rainbow Free Games, the multiplier will apply to the Bonus or the Free Games wins.

The player can also win the huge bonus of a Wondrous Wizard Re-spin. When the Fortune Wheel needle points to the Wondrous Wizard symbol, the player is awarded three Wondrous Wizards Re-spins, with three random Freezing Wilds. This is also available during the main game only.

The delightful images on the screen of Fortune Hill definitely add to the attraction of the game for many players.