Overview of 5 Dazzling Hot Online Slot

Players who enjoy retro slots machine games with no fuss and no frills but plenty of thrills and princely payouts should head over to their favourite online casino and take 5 Dazzling Hot slot by EGT Software for a spin immediately. This game has managed to stay as popular as it is thanks to the fact that it offers loads of excellent prizes for players who manage to land the popular fruit symbols it makes use of in proper combinations and order: players will be lining up grapes; cherries; lemons; melons; plums; and oranges. The top prize is an enormous 100 000 coin jackpot for the lucky 7’s, and there is a scatter star bonus and a gamble feature to top it all off.

5 Dazzling Hot slot offers players of a variety of skill-level and bank-balances the chance to enjoy it thanks to the fact that it offers an enormous range of bet types and balances, enough to suit most players’ tastes. Players are also able to enjoy from wherever they happen to be, because 5 Dazzling Hot slot has been optimised for mobile enjoyment, and a variety of smartphones and tablets are able to deliver the fun to players interested in spinning the reels.

5 Dazzling Hot Slot Keeps it Simple

5 Dazzling Hot slot has a basic 5 x 3 grid format that keeps play stripped down and simple, and it is definitely aimed at players who make their game choices according to the prizes available rather than a showy layout. Watching winning symbols burst into flames is sure to please players, but this game focuses on the wins rather than the design elements.

Huge Real Money Wins Available for Lucky Players

Any of the 5 Dazzling Hot slot symbols can burst into celebratory flame at any time, as all of the available prizes and bonuses are awarded randomly, and can be secured from the very first spin. The payouts usually begin with the basic fruit symbols of cherries; oranges; plums and lemons, and this will boost bankrolls by a 4 000 coin bundle. The star scatters can award players with 5 000 coins no matter where on the reels they end up, and this can be doubled if grapes or melons appear, since these payout 10 000 coins. Seventh heaven awaits players who manage to line up the lucky 7 symbols, as they award 100 000 coin prizes when five of them line up, and multiple prizes are available on each and every spin of these stripped-down reels.

Extra Features Available for 5 Dazzling Hot Slot

No matter what the player’s prize may be, this can be doubled by means of the gamble feature provided. Players will be presented with a facedown playing card and asked to guess whether the colour is red or black. Correct estimations will have whatever wins have been gambled multiplied by two.

This process can be repeated as many as five times, which means that lucky players can turn a 10 000 5 Dazzling Hot slot coin prize into a total of 320 000 coins if they manage to keep on guessing correctly.