Ramesses Riches Slot Overview for Beginners

Ramesses Riches is a slot game created by well known developer, Cryptologic. It features a unique theme based around popular Egyptian characters and symbols, all of which have been bought to life in a convincing art style. From the no nonsense Pharaoh himself, to the all business Cleopatra, there is much here that fans of Egyptian themes will enjoy.

The outstanding graphics are, however, rather let down by the minimalist sound design, which offer nothing more then a few rudimentary beeps and beeps, plus a generic reels spinning sound. The developers would have done will to add a great soundtrack to the game, which would have made Ramesses Riches a true classic that stood the test of time.

In terms of game play a five reel, twenty play line system is used, with players given the freedom to manually adjust play lines between spins. This not only gives maximum interactivity to players, but also allows for a deeper, more strategic game play experience.

More About Symbol Designs

You wont be seeing the intimidating face of Ramesses in the standard symbols; he’s been saved for the bonus symbols. Instead the player will be blessed with the face of Cleopatra as there most valuable standard symbol. With striking eyes and beautiful skin, Cleopatra offers a huge payout if matched the maximum of five times, but a slightly more modest amount if matched three times. She is followed by a cat statue, in terms of value.

Cats were, of course, sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and so this feline finds his way to being almost as valuable as the queen herself. The cat symbol offers good payouts if matched the maximum of five times. The papyrus with hieroglyphics, plus the eye of Ra, are the least valuable picture symbols, but will still be a welcome sight on the reels.

The remaining symbols with the least value are the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. It must be said that the playing card clichés are also a bit of a let down in the Ramesses Riches game, as they have very little to do with ancient Egypt at all.

Ramesses Riches Bonuses

Look no further then Ramesses himself when needing help with big cash prizes. King Ramesses offers not only the benefit of being a wild symbol, creating matching sequences where none where previously possible, but will also grant an enormous payout I matching with himself five times. It seems it is a good idea to keep the king close, especially in a game titled Ramesses Riches.

The second bonus symbol is represented by the golden ankh, which is the scatter symbol in this casino game. The ankh may match, two, three, four, or five times, and will grant instant free spins upon doing so. The five times match will grant twenty free spins, which are nothing to sneeze at. This is because during free spins each matching sequence will grant three times the normal payout. Once free spins have completed, the player will be returned to the normal game.