Check out Big Top Extravaganza Slot Details

The unique art style presented in Big Top Extravaganza slot is a cartoon style that utilises bright colours and exaggerated features to bring the childlike fun and excitement of the big top circus to the player. The graphics are eye catching without being overly complex or distracting. This allows the player to be better immersed in the game and focused on gameplay.

The background for this slot is the inside of one of the red big top tents. The player can see the red canvas background as well as the dirt floor. This circus, like many traditional circuses, is clearly one that travels around the country putting on shows in different areas. While there are some circuses today that still travel around performing their acts for different crowds, a lot have started performing at large stadiums and other large arenas. Where a circus used to be put on almost like a county fair, in that they would be set up at fair grounds or in a field somewhere, nowadays they are often based in the middle of large cities.

To the left and right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines numbering from one to twenty. The paylines are marked in small squares with the payline number and the colour of these boxes is a rainbow gradient ranging from red all the way to violet. Above the reels the player can see three black boxes and are arranged from left to right. Next to each of the boxes, the player can see the words mini, midi and maxi written. When the player starts the game, these boxes will be filled with numbers. Each of these numbers represents a progressive jackpot that the player can win should they get lucky enough to land the right combination of symbols.

Below the reels the player can see their stake per line and lines played. These can be adjusted by utilising the green up and down arrows. The player can also see their total stake, total paid, and paytable at any real money slots for Android casino.

Big Top Extravaganza Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot include elements of the big top circus. From least valuable to most valuable, they include a ten, jack, queen, seal, king, blue haired clown, ace, dancer, bald clown and the all-important ringmaster.

The strong man is the wild symbol while the cannon man with his white helmet serves as the scatter symbol. There is also a sideshow symbol that serves as the feature symbol.

Big Top Extravaganza Bonus Features

Bonus features for this slot include both a free spins bonus feature as well as a sideshow mini game feature.

Like in different types of slots at, in order to activate the free spins feature, the player must land at least three of the cannon man scatter symbols. The player is then shown fifteen boxes and must pick several in order to show how many free spins they have won.

The sideshow feature is triggered by landing three or more sideshow symbols. The player is then given a choice of three mini games to play.