NextGen’s A Dragons Story Slot Explained Online

The A Dragons Story slot game is created by Next Gen Studios. It stands apart for featuring outstanding graphics, superb animation, and a charming soundtrack. The basic premise of the game is that the player is helping a grumpy but lovable dragon defend his gold. And he’ll need all the help he can get, given that greedy knights are constantly trying to steal it.

A fully animated 3D dragon sits to the right of the play area, looking a little threatening, but far more lovable then I think he’d like to admit. The dragon reacts to the events on the reels, celebrating when a winning sequence is achieved, and even breathing fire occasionally, adding wilds to the reels and helping the player out. It won’t be long before every player has a special place in their heart for this fire breathing lizard.

With the addition of the mini-dragons, who enter the scene upon the player selecting the Super Bet option, the A Dragons Story slot game is one of the best slot game experiences currently available. It can even be said to be a masterpiece in the slot game design department, so much so that everyone should give it a try, just to be enchanted by the visuals and sound. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the long run, however, especially since the betting lines are not adjustable, which makes it a bit of a hands off experience.

Special Features

The mini-dragons in the A Dragons Story casino slot game have already been mentioned, and an adorable special feature they certainly are. The Super Bet button is on the right of the play area, and upon being pressed it will add bonus symbols to the reels, one reel for one press. Upon the button being pressed little dragon’s will leap out of the gold scattered on the floor, and sit bellow a reel, indicating where the bonus symbol has been added.

The mini-dragons are already cute as hell, but they still have one added trick up their sleeves that that take them into the man’s best friend department. Occasionally a mini-dragon will look up at the reels and breathe fire, burning up a symbol and turning it into a wild. This is an extremely helpful addition to the game, but it does occur completely at random, making it very uncontrollable and potentially frustrating. When an added wild is somewhere unhelpful it all but cause hair pulling frustration.

Brave Sir William

Another bonus feature in the A Dragons Story slot game that further adds to the game’s already outstanding visuals at the best online casinos for Canadian players is the Brave Sir William bonus. At random a knight may enter from the left of the screen, looking as if he would rather be anywhere else. The player must tap or click the knight, which will result in the dragon shooting a fireball.

Poor Brave Sir William will take the fireball to the delicate nether regions and run off screaming, dropping piles of gold as he does. The more gold he drops, the better for the player, as it instantly adds to the current balance. This feature is certainly well animated and good for a laugh, but again the money earned is completely at random, making it something that is simply a matter of complete luck.