Play the One Armed Bandit Online

Slot machines were available in casinos long before the Internet was invented. A slot machine is a type of gambling machine that has 3 or more reels on a screen. These reels will spin when a button is pushed and will hopefully stop with some form of winning combination displayed on the screen.

The original slot machines were also often called one-armed bandits because they were built with a lever on the side of the machine. In order to get the reels to spin the player had to pull the lever down. This was in place of the more modern machines that have buttons to push instead. The lever was the “one-armed” part of the name seen as the machine only had one lever or essentially, one arm. The “bandit” part of the name comes from the way in which the machine would often ‘rob’ the player of their money and was seen much in the same way a thief or outlaw (a bandit) would have. Although slot machines have since evolved and now you can push buttons to spin the reels, there are still some machines with a lever on the side as a tribute to the original machines.

Nowadays one can play the one armed bandit online. Several online slot machine developers have created games that feature a machine with a lever – the one armed bandit.

Multiple One Armed Bandit Games Found Online

The idea of having a traditional theme for the much newer video slots is one that several developing companies have picked up on and you will find multiple online slot machine games that allow for a person to play the one armed bandit online.

The one-armed bandit games were introduced online as a way of paying tribute to the first slot machines invented and all feature a slot machine with a lever. This lever is, however, simply ornamental and the player will still have to click on buttons in order for the reels to spin.

A bandit is defined as a person who is outlawed; a brigand, and was often used to talk about gang members. Naturally, this means that when one plays the one armed bandit online, the games will generally have a theme based around the idea of bandits. For example, a couple of the games are based around a western theme where the aim of the game is to run the bandits out of town.

Why You Should Play One Armed Bandit Online Games

As mentioned above, the graphics, interface and of course the theme of one armed bandit games are considered traditional as they are based on the first slot machines to be invented. This also means that the games are generally easy to play and there is little in the manner of complicated extras that are often found in other types of online games.

When players join this style of gaming action they will find the classic symbols used in the first machines, such as the BAR sign, fruit symbols and playing card symbols. This means that besides the authentic gambling feel that comes along with playing one armed bandit online games, the player will also find it easier to understand these games and ultimately to win big jackpots with these games. You will be able to play one armed bandit online games at almost every online casino.