Quick How-To Guide On In Play Betting For Punters In Australia

In play betting, also known as live betting, has revolutionised betting behaviour amongst punters in Australia and is completely unlike anything that has come before it. Even though it is a relatively new development, it has become increasingly popular amongst punters of all kinds and is available at all the best online sportsbooks. For something that has had such a high impact, the explanation of in play betting is a relatively straightforward one: wagers can be placed while the game is in progress, not just before. 

It’s a thrilling betting type and below you will find everything you need to know to get started.

Traditional Betting vs. In Play

There are a few key differences between traditional versus in play betting, but the fundamentals remain the same. You will still search a few sportsbooks for the best odds and place a wager on what you think is a correct prediction. However, with traditional betting, punters in Australia will have the luxury of time to consider wagers, but in play betting does not afford this opportunity. In play betting is volatile and fast-paced, and decisions have to made quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on an exciting and alluring wager.

The odds also shift dramatically and quickly with in play betting. With traditional betting the odds may shift slightly depending on where the public is leaning, but nothing dramatic will happen. In play betting can see the state of a match change at the blink of an eye, and with it the odds.

Popular Sports for In Play Betting

The rise in popularity of in play betting has led to the vast majority of online sportsbooks offering fantastic in play coverage of a wide range of sports, and they also offer an exciting range of wagers. The majority of punters in Australia will surely be delighted to know that ice hockey is a very popular sport for in play betting, as the sport is just as fast paced and thrilling as this radical betting type.

Other popular sports for in play betting include AFL Grand Final betting, soccer (Premier League), basketball (NBA), tennis, golf, cricket and baseball (MLB). Many other sports also see in play betting opportunities, but the aforementioned sports are the most popular for in play betting as they offer the largest variety of betting opportunities.

In Play Betting Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of in play betting is that it really ramps up the excitement of the average sports match, and can make even the dullest of football games feel like the Super Bowl. In fact, you should be able to place even better informed wagers with in play betting, as you will be able to experience some of the action before staking any money on the Canadian casino games. Another great advantage of in play betting is the increased number of wagers which become available, as there many ‘what will happen next’ markets which will pop up during a given match.

If you’re able to quickly make decisions and spot a good wager when you see one, then you can also hedge your bets with in play betting. For example, you place a wager on specific golfer to win before the start of a tournament, and during play things are going well, but there is the possibility of another player catching up to him, you can hedge your bets. With in play betting you will be able to place another wager on this second golfer to win, and if calculated correctly, you could see yourself turning a profit regardless of who takes the tournament.