Betting on Rugby in Australia

While rugby may seem like a difficult sport to stay on track of and understand to the outsider, it is not in fact as complicated as it may seem. It is, in fact, a good example of a very enjoyable sport to watch, and, if a well-researched strategy for betting is applied, can certainly allow punters to put a little extra money in the bank when they take part.

Australian punters can look forward to head-to-head bets, first try scorer wagers, and bet options that take in the margins by which one team will win or lose: there is a good range of markets available, and these allow the savvy punter to make some smart plays.

Rugby is a Sport Beloved Worldwide

From the 4-yearly World Cup, to the mass of international competitions which take place around the globe, rugby these days has a reach that extends far and wide.

The European Rugby Champions Cup, which was known up until recently as the Heineken Cup, is this sports equivalent to the UEFA Champions League, and incorporates the premier Irish, Scottish, Italian, English, Welsh and French clubs, which compete in groups until they advance to the knockout stages.

Super Rugby is a club competition made up of 18 teams that includes members from South Africa, Japan, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand. These teams compete across 4 conferences, after which the 8 best progress through to quarter-finals.

Match Point Totals Can Make a Good Bet

Thanks to the broad range of formats and competitions available for rugby, there is very often a huge difference in the approaches and abilities of the different teams.

Match Point Totals are good plays to make when punters have managed to establish some of the key characteristics of particular sides and the competitions in which they will be taking part. A key point to making these totes betting is the punter doing their homework regarding both the defensive and offensive capabilities of each of the teams, and, when this is established, applying this knowledge to their options for handicap NRL bets online.

Start Spotting the Weaker Sides, and Establish Value

In the southern hemisphere it is more common for punters to spot a bigger discrepancy between the top and bottom sides, and these are often able to lend themselves to massive margins.

Super Rugby recently grew to include 18 teams, including those representing Argentina and Japan. These teams have, however, had to endure a baptism of fire, especially against sides that are more established, like those from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Handicap and Margin betting markets should be carefully considered when a contest heavily favouring one side comes up, especially in the earlier part of the season, before bookmakers have properly adjusted to the gulf in class.

This same principle applies well to the World Cup competition, since this is another contest in which a sizeable imbalance is often apparent in the quality of the various teams as they match up. While there may be 20 teams taking part, realistically only 4 to 5 of these are real contenders, and this fact should be kept in mind when it comes to betting on rugby in Australia.